Like "Dawn effect/phenomenon or “liver dump” happens to everyone, but seems more pronounced in diabetics. Basically it’s your body’s hormonal reaction to low blood sugar levels after going an extended period of time without food (like overnight). Your body thinks it’s not being fed, or going into starvation mode, and the liver dumps glucose into your system to keep it running. With most T2’s as has been mentioned, a night time snack to cover the overnight hours fixes this, and can sometimes only be temporary. With a T1 however, it may be something called the Somogyi effect or Chronic Somogyi Rebound which is similar, but if I understand it right, is an excess of insulin that creates a hypoglycemic episode which your body rebounds against. Basically the same but the control method is different. Here’s some links: Talk to your doctor, it may mean adjusting your insulin and/or meds. "