Like "This is so true. I agree with you Claudia 100%. Me, being type 1 pass over alot of discussions because I have nothing to offer that person to help them in their situation. I never experience taking diabetic pills, so I know nothing about them to share. So how would I be able to give advice to that person if I never dealt with it. I maybe able to help type 1 ans give moral support to others, but if I feel I can't add to the subject I still read them but just do not respond. Like you said here, everyone has a different problem and should ask if it is stressing them out. No question is stupid? It just may not pertain to you, so go on to the next discussion. It took me a while to learn how to track and not track things I can help at and the things that I can't. So I feel this is a good point to bring up...........Debe"