Like "First of all, I'm glad you're still here. It sounds like you are lucky to be alive and there must be something for you to learn or do still. At your young age, I would bet it's both. Being free to do what you want can be a great feeling. But our minds and our bodies are made to also have structure and discipline. We may not think it's good, but it is what gives us the bones to make it in the world outside. Freedom without disciple creates much hurt and waste. We can eat or drink what we want, but you have to pay the consequences. We can do drugs or party until we can't see straight, but the price could be very costly. We can drive crazy and ignore the signs around us, until we injure someone we love. It's true, you can do whatever you want....but there is always a price. You had one question about how you are supposed to get where you need to be. I think first you have to ask where it IS that you need to be. Need and want are two different things. Where you want to be may not require being a responsible young person. Getting where you need to be to succeed on the outside may require you to do things like chores or following rules you don't want to do. Doing things for other people, not always putting yourself first. What great things did your counselor in the hospital get you thinking about? How can you make goals out of her shared ideas with you? And even though it seems like your mom is taking away your "freedom" she just may be teaching you how to enjoy freedom when you have become responsible enough to have it. You have a roof over your head = smile You have a mother who is giving you another chance = smile You are learning the disciplines of adulthood = smile You are taking care of your body better = smile You are saving yourself from a trip to jail = smile You are saving yourself from another trip to the hospital = smile I think you have a lot to smile about. You many just have to choose to do it for a while until be comes from the heart. We are here to help in anyway we can. All you have to do is ask."