Like "When I had the open heart surgery 2 years ago, they had put me on Percocet (sp) but that knocked me out. I asked them to try tramadol (the brand name is Ultram) and that took care of the pain without knocking me out - as long as they gave it to me on schedule it would bring the pain from a 10+ down to 2 or 3. If they didn't give it to me on schedule and there were a few times I had asked for it and the nurse never got the message so the pain would escalate back up to a 9 or 10. Thus it took longer for it to kick in! Finally I had to complain to the surgeon when he came to check on me - that was the end of the delays!!! But truthfully, I was very surprised it worked on such horrific pain. I am on tramadol and cyclobenziprine to manage my fibromyalgia flareups - and truthfull, it worked better on the open heart surgery. "