Like "Gabby, getting the whole family on board might not be hard, especially living in the south, as long as you don’t call it a Paleo diet. You’re familiar with the southern lunch concept of “Meat and Three” right? You basically pick a meat/protein and then 3 sides. Well, I tend to do the same, just with healthier choices. It keeps the variety we’re all used to and can be very cost effective. Since sides like slaw, bean salads, raw vegetables and such usually make a ton and keep fairly well, we usually have enough left over from the weekend’s cooking. Tonight I might just grill up a hamburger (no bun) and pick from the leftover sides with a bit of broccoli salad, calico black bean salad, and I think I may still have some chili in the freezer I could top a burger with. OK so things like mayo and tomato sauce aren’t “paleo” but I do make some concessions to modern times. Technically, depending on where your personal caveman lived, broccoli or the peppers in my bean salad might not make the list either. Point is it’s all mainly whole foods, and each family member can eat as much or as little as they want. Most often the amounts consumed are less than 1 serving per side because the variety is there. You really end up creating a “salad bar”, and tomorrow night might just be yesterday’s leftover chicken cut up with the bean salad on some shredded lettuce for a little southwestern chicken salad. It is an unorthodox change if you came from a protein/starch/veg based meal plan like I was familiar with, but I’m liking it. "