Like "Howdy Raquel and welcome! When the body of a Person with diabetes (PWD) gets used to very high Blood Glucose (BG) numbers and those numbers start to come down toward normal the body is accustomed to the high numbers and will give what I call a "false low" feeling. My late wife "Jem" was a PWD herself (as am I) but she had Lupis (SLE) and had to take cortisone shots or prednisone pills to combat when she had a "flare" of SLE. Either of those methods of control of that flare would skyrocket her BGs into the 300s or above. Then we had to work on bringing those numbers down. When the flare had passed and we could stop the pills, the numbers would start coming down, but it seemed like she would get the symptoms of a low in the middle of the night. Sometimes I would be awakened to find Jem chowing down on high carb goodies in bed. I urged her to wake me when she felt like she was low, and once she did and I checked her BG levels and she was high 100s or low 200s. On the basis of the meter reading I urged her to not eat the carb loaded foods but to fill her tummy with something to drink, or something full of protein. (since she was blind, that meant I had to get it for her) She stuck it out and the feeling passed, and she started to feel OK at more "normal" levels. If you keep your BG levels over 140 for extended periods of time, the liklihood of complications increase greatly. I didn't pay attention to keeping my BG down for a long time, and I can tell you that the complications I now have are NOT any fun. I now have burning neuropathy of my legs and feet and tingling neuro from my elbows to fingertips (makes typing interesting!) I also have to undergo dialysis treatments due to my uncontrolled diabetes and high blood pressure. I have to go for 4 hrs a day 3 days a week (total time each treatment day is roughly 6 hrs with going there and coming home). I urge you to please get your BG levels more close to normal. It will be worth it if you can avoid a lot of the complications which this disease can bring, but doesn't have to if it is controlled! Praying for your improving health James"