Like "Howdy Tink Relationships with teenagers are usually troubled with the parental figures. Teens are in transition between the generally complient years before puberty to their adult selves into which they are growing. I have heard psychologists refer to these years as being brain damaged, because the synaptic connections which have been made in the pre-teen years gets severed and rewired differently. Do you remember your adolescent years? I kinda remember mine and I wouldn't want to go back to that time of confusing upheval in my life. I suspect that Rain will challenge you and seek to get her autonomy as a person. The challenge for parents is to give them some structure for their lives so they don't get too messed up in their lives yet not hold on too tight so they have freedom to grow into the mature person they are becoming. Hold too tightly and a parent sets everyone up for frustration and anger. It is a "3 steps forward, 2 steps back" process a lot of the time. It is said that the teenager becomes a mature person at approximately age 25 or so. I pray you are able to give Rain "roots and wings" Roots to let Rain know that you love her more than life itself. Wings to give them the freedom to become the person into which they eventually will grow. At the end I pray you will end up with a good child as well as a good friend. James Baker (raised 3 sons -- only 1 is still under 25)"