Like "Mays, Thanks for this discussion. I love the search capability of this site - I just typed "juicer" in the search box and your discussion magically appeared! LOL My thanks go out to the software engineers here that make "magical" things like this happen. :o) The links Mays gave are being very helpful in giving me the education I need: The videos of Dr. Mercola & Dr. Becker and the Fern's Nutrition site. Check 'em out: Benefits of Jucing Juicer types Recipes Selecting a jucier type Various articles Quality brands & prices I'd be VERY interested in hearing from anyone with juicing experience. Dr. Mercola suggests using a juicer, not a blender - they're different. I refuse to do like my Native American Indian ancestors (the Chickasaw) did - beat/pulverize food with 2 rocks! LOL OK, "post on" my friends & educate me. :o) Tony5657 ... Juiceless in New Braunfels, TX "