Like "Hello there, welcome to our community! Your son's fears sound very familiar. I was diagnosed when I was 6 in 1945. I was entirely dependent on my mother back when there was almost nothing known about diabetes. They took me to 4 doctors before one recognized my symptoms. I did not play with kids in school. I sat and watched. Your son might be like that. You have so much available to you now and you can put him on the right path to good control. If I were you I would not push him into doing things that he does not want to do. Let nature take its course. If he studies and makes good grades and he has good control of his diabetes that will be great. The other things can come later when he is ready. This is the way I would have handled one of my sons if either of them had been diabetic like me. I have been diabetic for 63 years now and I am very healthy. You son might appreciate hearing that. He can have a long, healthy and happy life with your help and good control. Good luck to both of you! Richard"