Like "I'm sorry I am so far behind. I will post my numbers for Blood sugar from the 15th to this mornings number. And give you some idea of what I have been eatting. I have a log book where I can post before and after meals in it so I know when I took my BG tests and that is how I will post them here. After Breakfast on the 15th my BG level was 208 and I took 10u of humalog before supper it was 196 I took 18u of humalog and we had chili last Thurs for supper with corn bread It looks here that I forgot to take my Lantus before bedtime. On the 16th I checked my BG level only once that day and it was 125 before breakfast and I had rice for breakfast. I have been so hungry for rice that I fixed it with milk and a little sugar onit. Now on Sat. the 17th My bg was 104 after lunch I don't remember what I had for lunch that day but it was something that kept my numbers down and that was good. then at bedtime it was 135 and I had 2u humalog and 80u Lantus and went to bed by 10:00 On Sun.the 18th My BG level was only 60 at breakfast and I finished up my extra rice and warmed it up in the Microwave and added 2% milk and splenda I rechecked my meter and that was the only test I did on Sunday. On Monday the 19th I checked my BG levels 4x it shows in my log book so here goes: Mon. before breakfast 131 and I ate some rasinbran with 2%milk and splenda with a cup of hot cocoa. After lunch it was 271 I took 16u Humalog, I had Taco Salad for both lunch and supper and before supper my BG was 90 and at bedtime it was 255 I took 14u Humalog and 80u Lantus Then on Tues the 20th I had a BG level before Breakfast of 133 and I took 2u of Humalog I ate one bowl of frosted mini wheats and then after Supper my BG was 253 I made speghetti for supper and I had a large helping of it. Before I could get another helping I put the leftovers away and as no one else ate when the meal was done they didn't get an supper I called both Bill and Gerry to supper and they didn't get off of their butts so I said the heck with it and put everything away. I took 14u of Humalog and then I went into the sewing room and picked it up some more I didn't test again that nite but I did take my shot of 80u Lantus and went to bed at 11:30 not good I lost track of time. I have to get up at 4:00 in the morning to have Gerry to work by 6 I didn't test my sugar at all on Wed. but I was on the go all day and it never stopped till after 5 I took some breaks to get on here but not for long at each sitting. I had for breakfast a bowl of rasinbran with 2% milk and splenda and for lunch I grabed some spaghetti and was on the run again and then for supper I fixed meatloaf, roasted Garlic mashed potatoes and mixed Vegs. Now this morning my BG was 149 I had 8u Humalog and 2 slices of Toast with margarine and peanutbutter and one slice of bread with a polish sausage on it I ate that on the way to takeing Gerry to work. I am now drinking Ice water in a I'm sorry for not staying ontop of this discussion as If I don't use it like I should how is it going to help me lose the weight I need to lose. I checked my weight at 8:00 and I am down to 253.0 pounds I am loseing some but not like I want to. I will do better from now on OR FEEL FREE TO JUMP MY BUTT FOR SLACKING. Thankyou for giving me this time to post what I have and I hope it helps others to keep better track of what they eat and remember to weight your self just once a week and also every month Try to keep it the same day of each month. Like the 1st Sat. or what every day you would rather do it. It helps keep us on track to accomplish what we want to do. Ok here is the rest of what I ate today. for lunch I had a ham sandwich on white bread all we had in the house and a glass of ice water. I made up 2 liters of reg. lemonade and 2 liters of pink lemonade and haven't gotten any of either yet. LOL then for supper I had bbq beef and mac and cheese with califlower and broccoli for the vegie. I am so proud of my self After supper my BG level is 183 8u humalog. Not bad the number is still below 200 tonight. Yaaaaaa I am doing well for tonight. "