Like "I can either take or leave potatoes. If I want some, I eat a little. I am dying for mashed potatoes or gravy. Not something I eat on a regular basis. The only time I have French Fries is at the Flea Market when I am there Sat. and Sun. If I want some the vendor I always go to will let me have 6 with any other food I order. That works for me. I have not had any in a couple of months. Sometimes if I want more than that I make sure that I walk them off. Since it is slow at the market, I walk around it a couple of times. It is all about control. It is not written in stone that you cannot have foods you enjoy as long as you eat in moderation. I love rice but I have that once a month and I only cook enough for one meal so I cool less than a half cup. Chocolate is my downfall, I have been eating a Hershy bar for two weeks, one little square at a time. It kills my chocolate cravings. "