Like "Your dietician is full of carbs and other unmentionable things! Just because the dietician may have a degree doesn't mean that he/she knows what is best for people with diabetes. I agree with Lentyl below, that, IMHO, your dietician's advice was detrimental, irresponsible and maybe even negligent. As I've mentioned before, the turning point for me was reading Dr Richard Bernstein's "Diabetes Solution", which alerted me to the role carbs play in blood sugar levels. Dr Bernstein advocated our cutting back on carbs long before it was accepted by the mainstream medical community. (And some "experts" still haven't accepted this approach.) A physician himself as well as being a type 1 diabetic, he analyzed and discovered what worked well for him. Amy, you are not alone in this and DC is a great forum for info, discussion and, yes, different points of view and approaches to our managing our diabetes and all that entails."