Like "I see it both ways. I do not do facebook or other media sites because of the profession I am going into and the populations I intend to serve. However, this community has a focal purpose for support. However, the support also allows social interactions and communications. Trust is something that needs to be earned, and it also has to be allowed. I will say the different people view trust and the building of trust in different ways. I like the motivation to keep active with the badges and "notoriety" because it can be a feel good. I was emotionally and physically drained when diagnosed last week. I was defeated. I found this site by searching the web. I joined because I need the support as a newbie. I also like the sociabiilty it offers also. I thing trust and support need to be entangled and enmeshed, because if we do not have trust we can not support, and we cannot support without trust. Being active is a need, being recognized for it has motivation. Thank you both for allowing me to comment."