Like "I am a devoted carb counter and have achieved better weight and BG control by limiting my carbs to no more than 120 grams per day. My last A1c was 6.9 which is OK but I'm working on getting it still lower. I am on an insulin pump and use Novolog. Did you know that you might need a different carb to insulin ratio for different times of day? I didn't until I started using a pump in August 2011. Because I am highly sensitive to insulin my ratios are as follows: Midnight to 10:30 am 30 grams of carb per unit; 10:30am to midnight 24 grams of carb per unit. Prior to using the pump I was on multiple daily injections of Novolog (sliding scale for dosage, usually 2 to 4 units for a typical meal)) and one shot of Lantus, 14 units in the morning. Have you calculated exactly how many carbs you are eating per day? That might be the culprit in your higher BG's and lowering your carb intake might worked for me. Diabetes is such an individual disease. We all have to determine (with our doctor's help) what exactly works for us, tailoring it for our height, weight, activity level, age, metabolism and insulin sensitivity. Best of luck to you!"