Like "I just found out that my pain is caused by a very rare muscle disease, I can not even hold my eyes open when I look up; and they fall down and so does my neck and back. I have to go to a special doctor in a hospital not in my state, Believe it or not. New Jersey does not have the specialists that cover very rare disease. I have severe pain from my head to my toes, and all limbs in between. Can not twist anything, back, arms and legs. My toes are all curled up and have no feeling, just continual severe cramping and lots more, i AM SORRY FOR CARRYING ON; I JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE FROM MY DOCTOR. I told her that I begged Jim and God to please let me go. I do not want to strap him down, anymore with my illness. He has to do all the jobs that I can not, after work. He pays for all my medical co-pays,and now deductables; I don/t want to stress him anymore than he already is."