Like "Howdy Krysta I had a girlfriend this summer who was Dx'd with diabetes and she complained of constant hunger. Her main problem in my estimation is that she was such a picky eater and didn't eat veggies at all. Eventuallly we split because of my need for a warmer climate than WI but are still in contact. I queried Google about "hungry all the time with diabetes" and it returned responses such as this from every day health ~ and also this from our very own DC ~ Skip T said it well, at the bottom of the posting (actually the first to respond) >>"SkipT January 22, 2009 at 4:54 pm What kinds of food do you eat? Carbs will make you hungry quickly due to the insulin swing they cause. If you feel hungry try a little protein and fat. Fat is not an enemy. Fat is filling."<< I had a reduced carb meal plan to control my diabetes without the use of meds. I eliminated breads and all cerial grains and really do not remember feeling particularly hungry (it was 3 yrs ago now) Perhaps it was because I ate a LOT of protein and didn't worry about eating fat at all. Perhaps skip was onto something there. James"