Like "None of us "like" having diabetes. I learned long ago not to waste my time wishing I didn't have diabetes but, instead, make an effort to control it and ensure a more "normal" quality of life. For me, that means testing an average of 7 times a day...yeah, it's a pain but it's something within my power to do to get a handle on this condition. It means making the right decisions about what to eat and how much to exercise...(still working on both of those!). I didn't get my driver's license until I was 21 but, at 64, I'm still driving with a safe record. It can be done. Ask yourself what you can do differently to reach that goal. (I can't imagine what it is like having diabetes as a teenager since I didn't develop mine until age 27; being a teenager with no health problems was plenty difficult for me...I hope I don't come across to you as too "preachy"...I recognize you're going through a volatile, growing stage of your life and wish you have the strength and resources within you to master this!.)"