Like "Katie, no one is calling you negative, diabetes can trigger negative responses towards mnaging it at times, sometimes we stray away from our tried, and proven methods for various reasons (routine procedures, etc.) even though we know that it can be harmful for us in the long run. Diabetes demands constant attention, and we must give it that, it ia an unfair relationship based on what we want and what we must do, but as in any relationship if you want to be happy, balance must be maintained! You are a member of this wonderful family, no criticism is directed at you only support, sometimes the support may not come in the form, (words, or responses) that we expect yet it is support nonetheless, no one is judging you. A success story is always applauded here, it provides so much in the form of motivation and accomplishment for others, your success is everyone's success. Don't take anything written here as a negative, but rather as a positive testament to our desire to see you succeed at managing your diabetes, my friend and DC family member! Mays"