Like "If it is because your blood sugars are out of control, the doctor made a wise decision. I would not want to be in a car with you if your blood sugar drops and you have a crash. Neither would your friends want to be with you and odds are their parents won't want it either. If you don't have a car, and are driving your parents car, they would be very wise people by not allowing you to drive. A car comes with a lot of responsibility. It is the owner of the car who is responsible for maintaining the vehicle. If the car runs out of gas, has bald tires, needs brakes, has no insurance, needs an oil change, a new battery, and doesn't get these things fixed,or the owner gets a lot of tickets, who do you thing would be responsible. Diabetes is the same as a car. The person with diabetes is responsible for maintaining good health as much as possible. If your blood sugar is out of control and you are making no effort to try to get it under control, it is your fault. If you are not testing and eating properly, it is your fault. If you are not following what your medical team wants you to do, it is your fault. Diabetes is a learning and growing up disease. You can hate it all you want but until there is a cure, you are always going to have it. Hatred of anything can consume a person with negativity. Over time, you will lose friends, family won't want to be around you and people will do what they can to avoid you. My doctor told me I could not drive. It upset me at first until I thought about it. If I take the chance of driving and my blood sugar drops, I could kill myself or innocent people. It would be very selfish of me to get in a car and drive and play Russian Roulette with my life and others simply because I want to go somewhere or do something. Look at it this way, if all your friends decided to jump off a bridge untethered, into a big black hole, would you follow? So your friends drive or have cars and you don't. If they pile into a car after a party and all of them are drunk, would you want to be in the car with them? There are a lot of people whose friends have things they don't. Many are greatfull for what they have while others are angry or jealous because they don't have those things. Still others will work towards obtaining them. As we go through life, we either become responsible adults or we don't. We grow up at many stages in life. Instead of hating that you have diabetes and can't drive, put that energy to good use and be thankful that you have what you have and work towards improving on other qualities you have in life. Work towards better health. Look at it as a growing up phase in life. "