Like "so true! I have attended church all of my life, thre will always be those who cause dissension and those who do not, those who really truly do good and love others, and those who do not. I attended several different churches in my life. I grew up with my parents taking me all the time, and I am so thankful they did. Tony is right, just make sure to not drop out of church entirely. It really helps me to fellowship with others every week, and my church is so small, that there isn't anyone who is like that right now, not with the group we have, most of whom I've known all or most of my life and so sometimes smaller can be better, all the ones that caused problems years ago, when we had a big "split" are gone, it was over a pastor,who honestly, really was not doing one good thing for the church and not trying to help us help it grow, etc.. and they kind of let this pastor run them off I think but I realized some of them were the ones who gossiped negatively, and so we were better off. I love those verses Tony! So sorry you were treated like that, and hope you find a church home where you are happier. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!"