Like "I use My Fitness Pal (both the website and iPhone app) to track my calories and carbs. I restrict myself to 1300 calories and 180g carbs daily. I found that when I cut back on the calories, the carbs were easy to cut as well. Sort of like Nick mentioned... Calories and carbs do go hand in hand. Instead of mashed or baked potatoes, I eat mashed or roasted cauliflower, lots and lots of raw veggies for snacks like snap peas, radishes, carrots and raw cauliflower and broccoli, plus I also use Slim Fast's meal and snack bars or the 100-calorie snack packs. If we eat out at a restaurant, we typically will go to either Subway or Panda Express, but on the rare occasions that it's another place, I usually only order a small piece of chicken and then steamed veggies with a garden salad. I also carry my own salad dressings with me... Yes, I'm one of those people! ;-) "