Like "i have been in various offices in the instiutional chuch (denomination) for a number of years. People can be petty and mean. One may even deem them "hypocites". Sometimes people get a little political "power" in a congregation and they like that feeling of power. However as long as I have been a Christian (nearly my whole life) I have had two natures living inside me. There is the blood-bought redeemed "saint" side, and the fleshly craving the pleasures of the world, "sinner" side. To illustrate, there was a native american (indian) who said, "I feel like there are two dogs fighting inside of me". When asked "which of the dogs is willing?" To which he replied, "whichever one I feed the most". If I feed my spiritual side by paying close attention to God's word, that side wins. If I feed my "fleshly" side by paying more attention to this world than I do to God's word, then that side wins and I become a hypocrite (which is based on the Greek word for "actor". Someone who acts a part but is really not who he portrays.) "