Like "Hi James, thank you so much for your "love and support" and for your support. I figure the weight loss probably wont do a lot for my diabetes. I am thinking of this mainly to get the pressure off of my knee replacements that still hurt and incapacitate me at times with pain and for the health of my hips and other bones and joints. I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis, all really painful and severe in my case. If I could lighten my load a little, it may help. I am leaning more toward the lap band if I understand it correctly. If I understand correctly, it can be adjusted if necessary or reversed. It is not as invasive as gastric bypass. However, surgery is surgery and there is ALWAYS some level of risk from several ways for surgery to go wrong. From infection to death. I nearly died twice after my 2 knee replacement surgeries. I was still in the hosp. and given too much pain meds. I ended up in ICU both times. Another time, they took the tube out of my throat too soon and I refluxed and inhaled pneumonia....ICU again."