Like "Yes, Katie, we all do have to eat to live, however, we can manage our meal plans to cut out most of the carbs and lose the fat. 2 yrs ago this Feb. I decided to cut out all the carbs from bread and grain products. I lost 65 lbs all told. Looking at a photo from that time a year after I looked really way too thin. I am told my family (who hadn't seen me in over a year before that) were worried that I was TOO thin, and looking at my photo from that time I have to agree. And the thing of it, I was so focused on getting my need for insulin discontinued, I really didn't notice my weight loss until I had trouble keeping my pants up without a belt. And I eventually had to drill holes in my old belt to accomodate holding my pants up. I went from a waist size 46" to a 36' (currently 38 is comfortable.) Sit ups are great, in fact any exercise is great, but one thing I've learned is I cannot "spot reduce". The fat went on and is distributed by one's bodily metabolism, It will come off like that too Praying you have great success in your resolve to lose weight. James "