Like "Anna in some cases, the teachers are afraid of confronting their students about bad behavior. The fact of the matter is that kids do lie and the parents in far too many cases are no better than their children. Their are parents who under no circumstances will believe their kids did something wrong when their kid is handcuffed, tried, found guilty and convicted of the crime. Another problem is parents expect teachers to raise their kids. They come to school with very little manners, no respect for themselves or others, and the minute they get into trouble their parents blame the teachers for not doing his/her job. They tried zero tolerance here. The new leader of the school board stopped it saying suspended kids are not learning. Disruptive kids in the classroom are not learning and are preventing the other students from learning. He has just been blasted for not reporting violence in the schools. Teachers and Principals are finding all kinds of weapons on kids, there are violent outbreaks in classrooms and none of it has been reported to school or city police. They do not want to portray the schools as dangerous. Because of this parents are questioning how safe it is for their kids in school. Instead of suspension, they do in-house suspension. This means a kid can bring a knife to school everyday and get sent to in-house suspension and never miss a day in school and the parents are not notified. Until parents are held accountable for their bad kids, weapons, and bullying will continue in schools and juvenile crime in the streets will continue as well. I would never send a child to a school either public or private. I would home school. "