Like "Luke my sister and I were having this conversation last night about a friend of ours and how she has changed based on an organization she joined. She is becoming just as shallow as the people in the organization. She got married and kept it a secret from those of us who have known her for years. Her husband is much older than she is. All of her old friends are slowing staying away from her. I won't turn my back on her because she has always been there when I needed her. This friend and I worked together for a few years but we are still good friends. One day she was talking about the big houses and cars people in the organization have. I said all they do is try to keep up with The Jonses. They have the big houses and luxury vehicles, furs and jewelry but may not have lights on in their houses. Her and her husband live in an apartment. Someone bought a 50 inch tv for their den and they bought a larger Plasma. Now they are looking for a house. He sold his home 25 years ago. They want a big house in a prestigious area. The problem is they can't afford the price tag. Some of her "new" friends bought their houses for about 90k 30 years ago. Those same houses are 5-700k today. When you try to impress others you are the one suffering. Your so called friends with the big houses, and luxury cars, jewelry and furs really aren't happy, have no really good friends and are so busy trying to "one up" each other they lose sight of who they really are. I have been on trips with them and can't stand most of them. One woman was mad with me because we wore the same gown on the same night. She nastily demanded that I go change my dress. I told her not even if I were standing in the middle of hell and it froze over twice. She was mad for the rest of the evening. Her husband said I wanted to be like her. I can't say what I said to him. I had a blast they didn't. If your friends are not there for you when you need them the most, they are not your friends. If your friends spread rumors, sleep with your spouse or significant other, they are not your friends. If they take and never give back they are not your friends. A true friend laughs with you, stands up for you, cries with you and gives you a hug when you need it. If your friends aren't there for you are they really a friend? I like people for who they are, not what they are or what they have. "