Like "i get my news from a variety of websites, some skew to the left (like Huffington post), and some skew to the right ( like "Freedom Outpost") For the weather, I go to I try to get a read on what is going on in the world at large this way. Often my inbox fills up with the newsletters to which I have subscribed . I fancy myself "non partisan" but lean more toward the right in the political spectrum. that is kinda who I am. I do like to know what those who are on the left are saying too. Sometimes it can be enlightening as to why they say what they do. I am a conservative Christian and will engage those who think more lefty on religious issues. However I will not be abusive about it (like some on both sides have been) If you wish to discuss it further with me, I invite you to PM me as this is not the place for such discussions. "