Like "Dr. Gary, I am glad you had your hot cup of coffee. Right now I am huddled by a heater waiting until Thursday for the furnace man. It is unfortunate that a storm such as Sandy makes people do one of two things. A. Appreciate what you had before you lost it and B. Being angry because you lost it. I say it a lot on here. A person can remove a lot of stress by stop trying to control everything and everybody. No one can control anyone but themselves because sooner or later the spouse, friends and adult children will get tired of it. No one can control nature so why get mad at a storm? While talking to a friend, I said, it is almost as though God is cleaning up what man has dirtied. Life brings many changes, you cannot control those changes because you never know what is going to change your life or if that change will be temporary or permanent. What you can be thankful for and grateful of is being alive. Friends come and go, children grow up and move on. Depending on how you treated your child or how your child sees you as a person while growing up will depend on how often you see your children or if you will ever see them again. Reflection is good for the mind, body and soul. If you look back at what you didn't have, what you had and lost, how you solved a problem, may help you appreciate what you now have in your life and with future problem solving. You can't dwell in the past because if you do, you cannot move into the future. Preaching to the Choir, I don't thinks so because those who are listening may learn something. Those who are not listening will miss out on things in life that could help them. "