Like "I am also new here just found it today quite by accident. I have a problem and would love some feed back on it. My doctor doesn't feel I need to test daily so I only get blood drawn once a month. I only know my level after that blood draw. Its frustrating sometimes because I get low and I can feel something is happening but I don't know how much. I see here that everyone tests and some alot. My last time was 180 but it had been 150 the month before that and my A1C is at 7.9 it didn't go up at all I guess that must be good, right? I go in on thursday but I feel like I have a inner ear problem so I am going to try for tomorrow instead. How expensive are meters and strips, I have no insurance at this time. Due to being unemployed I am getting help from my family for the doctors visits and lab work. I don't want to be a further burden if its really expensive. Any advise you could give me would be wonderful.:)"