Like "On paper, it sounds like you have a good team. But if you still feel in the dark, that would suggest that you have some ineffective team members. I was lucky in that when I was diagnosed I was put in a pediatric wing of a hospital for a week's worth of training, so I had a great start. However, life changes and along the way I needed additional help. In my experience, educators have been the greatest source of help. While I've had great doctors, the educators have been much more hands on. (I have a feeling it's because the doctors are a bit more tied up in things like paper work, etc.) I've learned far more from them about strategy, how foods, exercise, injection sites and more individually impact what's going on with blood sugar than any other source. Choosing a health care provider really isn't that different than something like choosing a cell phone provider, internet service provider or a mechanic. They are serving you, and if you feel you're not getting what you should out of it, it might be time to move on."