Like "i took the liberty to google.. First Section: diabetes complications D. Fouad bin Mohammed Daghistani The symptoms of diabetes are a reflection of the suffering of the body as a result Aratvaa blood sugar level, this rise in the long term, so let me Avndha in the form of a list as follows: 1. Diseases Alauaaúah circulatory large and medium (veins and arteries) • heart disease: hardening of the large blood vessels • cerebral stroke: blockage of the blood that lead to non-ischemic brain • legs and feet: circulatory disorders 2. Microvascular disease • Eyes: retinopathy • kidneys: renal impairment • nerves: Neuropathy:  multiple peripheral neuropathy  neurological damage in the legs and feet  neurological damage and foot ulcers  neurological damage in the arms and hands  neurological damage in muscular dystrophy  neurological damage in letting down the stomach  neurological damage in the intestines and leads to diarrhea diabetes  neurological damage in the intestines and leads to constipation diabetes  neurological damage in the urinary bladder  Charcot feet  unilateral neuropathy (nerve damage - to a single nerve or group of nerves)  autonomic neuropathy  impotence and sexual dysfunction (impotence)  weakness neurological repercussions for the heart and circulatory system Let me stand here .. And we meet, God willing, in the second section"