Like "As an MLT for about 30 yrs., they have been talking about this since the mid 80's. The problem then was miniaturization and with accuracy.... The miniaturization problem has mostly been solved; the long term reliability issue stills need to answer and the various methods of measuring the sugars, also the question of accuracy with the method because not everybody reacts the same way. So some long term testing still need to be done on a variety of people of various age groups, gender, and race. But the strides that have been made in this area are tremendous; I can see them ready for the public by 2020… A side story popped up while read this article; it was about the use of tattoo ink to monitor BS. With tattoos going main stream with more and more people a sporting them and as the younger generation taking over from the aged baby boomers, there have been more work in this area, even though this area has very limited funding, there are some very dedicated diabetic’s that are professional tattoo art’s ink companies and even MIT are doing some very interesting work in this area. So I can’t wait to see the results of these different methods of monitoring our sugars in the next couple of years….. Brian "