Like "No idea why it would. Unless either your system thinks any spreadsheet with a Macro has a virus, or there's something on Wikishare that may be infecting files uploaded there... I just downloaded and it downloaded clean. If you mean Excel gave warning message, different versions of Excel give differently worded warnings when opening files with Macro's. You may have miss-read the Excel Macro warning. I know the version of Excel 2000 that was on computers at my last job gave danger warning giving option to enable macro's, disable macro's on file, or exit immediately. Excel 2000's Macro warning message reads as what could be taken as a DANGER warning just trying to warn you that not all macro's are harmless so don't blame Microsoft if you enabled macro's on a file you opened and later found out the file did things you didn't want to be done. The spreadsheet file provided here needs to be opened with Macro's ENABLED since the Macro's in the file are what processes the data and creates the logbook report. It processes and modifies the source data file and ends up with the Logbook report on a new sheet 1 on the source file, and the used report data on a second sheet of the original Carelink Export (source) file. Hopefully this site won't ban me... I noticed after uploading and providing link here that I forgot to remove my "shareware" wording in the file as I had intended to do... After I noticed that, I tried removing the post and this site seems willing to allow me to delete or edit my replies, but once I've made the initial post, it's set in stone... This site won't even let me edit much-less try deleting the original post."