Like "This is Anne. I just thought of something. I am thinking that like when you listen to different parts of a song, any kind of music, you will hear parts of the song speed up, then slow down. The absolute would be the pitch and tone range from beginning to end--ha, I was once a music major. Each individual's diabetes is different, so, for example, I do know that even though I am brittle, I rarely hit over 600, and in a typical day, my range ( as erratic as it is) is between 180 and 400. So , my absolute is the interval between 180 and 400---OH, boy, I also was once a math major--I'd better stop there--ha,ha...that's crazy what I just said in a way...ha,ha. It has some truth to it, but, really there is no absolute value for a diabetic--that'd be impossible--the absolute value in my strong opinion is the everyday range, not one number...if it were one number, the person would not be diabetic. Yeah, it'd have to be the everyday range. I'd be more concerned about the change from one number to the next, because I have been reading that the blood pressure , the heart, and the kidneys and the brain suffer more when the pancreas does not act consistently. ANNE"