Like "Here is the biggest problem that most diabetics have...Ask your doctor are you losing weight in the form of "body fat" or are you losing "muscle mass"? The reason for the question is this (i experienced it personally and until it was explained to me by my physical therapist, it was somewhat frightening) when the human body begins to starve (as in diabetes) it may resort to breaking down muscle tissue to feed itself proteins which it gets from breaking down muscle mass! This in turn helps the body to generate the energy necessary to carry out the additional life saving, survival functions such as producing additional fluids to help remove the excess glucose in the blood, which it will also do by removing some water from muscle tissue, the blood stream, internal organs and from the waste contents of the large intestine (ever wonder why diabetics are so constipated?) even the consumption of high fiber foods and supplements cannot help but so much when the body is in the mode of operation. The best remedy for this is to provide your body with a source of protein "after hours" that will slow down this process, which is known as "Catabolism" a little exercise weekly and the consumption of either a cup of yogurt, cottage cheese, or a whey (or) casein protein drink before going to bed should help, your body will concentrate and feed on this source of protein instead of on your muscle tissue! (This brings back memories of my athletic days in the weight room) So don't stop exercising, supplement it with what I just mentioned and in about 6-8 weeks you will see a major difference, and feel it as well! ~Mays~"