Like "Immunizations are the not cause. I think it is the environment were you live. Maryland and Pennsylvania had steel mills and coal mines, WVA has coal mines and your state has chemical plants. Factor in lead paint found in older homes, exhaust from motorized vehicles and this could lead to all kinds of health related issues. I too look around and see older people in my age group with a multitude of illnesses just as you do. My community at one point had the highest AIDs rate in the Nation because of the highest drug use rate. it was so bad, at one point a non profit had an RV that did HIV/AIDS testing free of charge and they had needle exchange and dispensed free condoms. Much of the medical problems people have can be attributed to genes, environment, lack of access to healthcare and their lifestyles. Immunization has wiped out polio and small pox in this country. I have friends who will not have their children immunized and to get them in school they have to sign a waiver that they cannot hold the school, or government responsible for any illnesses the children have and they cannot bring their children in the building if they are ill unless they have medical documentation that their child does not have a communicable disease. Personally, I think that this could be a problem. I think people should research illnesses that could stem from being immunized and maybe this will remove some of the apprehension of being immunized. "