Like "I'm sorry I have not been posting every night. One of my new resolutions is to have hubby time, and we have no computers, no tv...just us. I really like it. Anyway, here are the last couple of days. I think the Metforming twice a day is helping me out. Of course, exercise does the most for me. Jan 9 7:21 199 Breakfast: 2 LC wraps with turkey, broccoli and cauliflower, cheese, vitamins and Metformin 500g, water 1:30 140 Lunch: lasagna, spinch and strawberry salad with walnus and dressing, water 5:30 166 Dinner: celery with bean dip (have to share the recipe, yummy!) salad with dressing, vitamins and Meds, water 8:30 185 Snack: bean dip with flat earth chips I have had no work, so I am keeping busy in the yard. Weeding and cleaning out our fish pond. Jan 10 5:15 207 took my synthroid 8:15 155 Breakfast: sauteed veggies, greens, salsa, 1/2 grapefruit, camomile tea, walnuts and vitamins and Metformin 500 11:50 143 Lunch: salad with bean dip and dressing, lunch meat, water 5:00 170 Dinner: Chicken nuggets (another recipe I have to share with you all) green beans, fresh fruit, green tea, vitamins and meds Snack: LC quesadia with salsa, sunflower seeds I have added upper body workout to my 30 minute walk and it has a good pattern now. I am adding 5 minutes to my routine for the next couple of weeks, then I will add 5 it up."