Like "Barbie, your daughter told you point blank how she felt. Her key words were "I don't understand why you are always going on about neuropathy, retinopathy". etc". If in fact you are always going on about this, she is tired of hearing it. I would be tired of hearing it. I understand you want support, most people do. However, if you are going on about your problems people lose interest and you lose your support system and they also think all you want is attention. If that is the case, they are not going to listen or support you and probably find other things to do to keep from being around you. I have diabetes, diabetes does not have me. I don't focus on it nor do I have discussions with friends and family members about diabetes on a regular basis. Even my friends and family members who are diabetics don't discuss it. We have more important things to talk about and tons of things to do. The odds are your daughter has heard this repeatedly and has shut you out. It is going to take a lot for her to start listening to you again when you talk about it. I would drop the topic all together and talk about other things with her. On the flip side she may have problems she would like to discuss with you but because you constantly talk to her about your problems she probably could be feeling that you wouldn't listen to her. I don't want or need anyone hounding me. I am adult and quite capable of taking care of myself. Taking my medication, testing my blood and eating properly is my responsibility. Besides I don't want anyone policing everything I do. It would get on my nerves after the first five minutes of them doing this. I have support systems in place should I need it and I try very hard not to need it. "