Like "I am so glad today I got up and my sugar was in the upper 80's before breakfast and then before lunch it was in the low 90's I think that is going good now.I will post everything later and see how I end the day. I've got some more sewing to do so am getting off of here till this evening. bye bye I'm back and here is everything for today. BG levels for today are as follows: Before breakfast 84 I had a bowl of frosted Mini Wheats and a cup of hot cocoa then before lunch it was 95 and I had 2 sandwiches one was a cheese burger on wheat bread and one was a fish fillet with tartar sauce one wheat bread with a diet pepsi. before supper it was 287 I had Taco Salad and water and then at bedtime it was 78 I had 12 Nilla Waffers for my bedtime snack that was the only snack for today. Now for my counter numbers: steps:7445 Miles: 3.055 calories:201 I did alot of walking today between the front room and the sewing room. I have almost finished the second side blocks and strips and will sew everything together tomorrow and Monday. The whole quilt will be ready to mail on the 28 of this month to Gabby. I'll post this side on Monday afternoon. It keeps me busy and gives me exercise at the same time and I need that to stay on my feet and moving. I am so glad I found something to keep me busy."