Like "I inject Bydureon in my tummy below the navel. I find a spot that doesn't have an injection nodule, using a pen add a circle and a dot for a target and shoot away! My needles are thick so I have to inject at an angle and jiggle to coax the needle in. Once the skin breaks I can press it to the hilt and I am home free. I love the tummy because I can see it better than I can my midriff. When I was on Byetta I used my midriff all the time, just aim, inject done. With having to coax the new needles in I have to plan more and be more aware. My legs have no fat on them so I can't use that area, my endo suggest having my hubby inject for me in my hip...haven't had to resort to that yet but would have no qualms if I did have to."