Like "My hubby and I were diagnosed in April at a free clinic where we live cause we don't have insurance. They did our blood tests on our visit at the first of the month, called us and said we needed to come back in as soon as we could because we were both diagnosed with T2. They told us both what our BG was and our A1C. They gave us the medicine to take, told us to watch our carbs and said bye. No real explanation at all. Luckily I have 4 generations in my family, plus I am an LPN, although not practicing, and I was aware of things we needed to do. I also did a lot of research and reading as well as joining diabetes sites. DC has been the best one for me. I already feel like a part of the community and love all the discussions here. I am extremely thankful for DC and what it has done for me and I am sure many others in my situation."