Like "Gabby, I have a normal range for the past year and still taking zocor. I think everytime I go to my MD that medicine will be dropped. No, they said its because of the med that my bood work is so good. I am clueless and don't understand. One thing I do know, when I used to take dialysis all the good foods I should of been eaten was no allowed to me because of the renal diet. I was not allowede fresh anything. I had to eat canned friut and vegetable. Before that I never ate those from a can. Was cholesterol went so high and I felt terrible. But now I am allow to go back and eat fruit and vegetable fresh again( some types though) and my cholesterol has plummetted drasticly. I know it has all to do with eating habits. That is why this year my goal is a healthy lifestyle to eating, but I refuse to call it a diet. If I think of it as a diet I seem to always fail. I hope this helps a little,,,,,,,,,,Debe"