Like "Which pump are you using? I've been on a pump off and on since 2005. I'm now back on a pump, using the Omni Pod system. I had an Animas before. Pumping is the only way that I can have total control over my bs numbers. I love it. From what I read, you're still having trouble with getting your numbers in control, even with a pump? Are you working with your doctor or an educator to dial in the pump settings? It might take a little while to pinpoint your exact settings so that the pump works properly. There's a book called Pumpin Insulin by John T. Walsh that is really good and explains everything about pump therapy. Don't give up or get discouraged while trying to find those correct numbers. It took me the better part of 3 months to really get my pump set. Also be aware that if you're in the process of changing weight or body mass (losing or gaining weight) it's going to affect your insulin sensitvity, correction factors, and insulin to carb ratios. I hope that you can get everything worked out and really start benefiting from pump therapy. It was the best thing that I could have done for my D care."