Like "That's tricky... My advice would be for you to go to the E.R., but considering what you have said makes this a difficult matter. We all know that diabetes and injuries do not get along with one another and foot injuries can prove to be very, very bad for diabetics, I should know, neglecting my injured toe resulted in me having to have bone fusion surgery on it (arthrodesis) from which I developed blood clots in my leg! I am not trying to frighten you, I just don't want you to make a mistake as I did by not seeking medical help, before something minor becomes something major. In NJ, many hospitals here have what is known as "Charity Care" if your state has it, it may go by another nane. You go to the E.R. to be seen, you are treated and once you receive a bill you bring it back to the hospital's billing department and apply for charity care because you cannot afford to pay he bill. Once you are accepted, you are given free medical care (and visits) at both the hospital, and any clinics, for any ailments or surgeries for exactly one year! Don't take the home remedy route unless you are positively sure that everything is alright, other than that, "Please" go get your toe examined, A.S.A.P. ~Mays~"