Like "I'm a bit leary of the local farmer's market after that experience with the corn, but I have a real sense of conscience about it because I would really like to support the local farmers. It's a tough call. I have done some exploration online of the local growers and find some that are certified organic. Many offer a veggie box for a set amount, but the freedom to choose what fits my menu plans appeals to me more. When I get the time, I'll find a Saturday Farmer's Market where the certified organic farms offer their wares. I like the idea of fresh and local organically raised foods. I love tomatoes fresh from my own plants which I'm raising in pots on my lanai until I can set up organic beds in my yard. As far as reading the labels: I try to find products that sound like food I am familiar with as opposed to a list that reminds me of my HS chemistry class. For the most part, I don't read many labels because I cook from whole foods -- vegetables, meats, cheese, olive oil, fruit, etc. rather than from packaged or processed foods. "