Like "I love the title who moved my cheese, it is what I said this last week when we were getting groceries, you'll spend a hour or so longer at the store, reading labels checking numbers and you get a routine you know where the jar of sauce is, or the cheeses you can have, and wamm they move stuff around so you feel lost. Thank goodness my hubbys such a strong suporter cause he started reading labels again and said hey this has.... hehehe which brought me back from feeling sad to ohhh we can have that! hehehe! do not beat yourself up too much hun, it is a lifes learning and together we are doing it. Yeah we all get freaked out and theres so much information being shoved at us when we first hear the words we tend to block some of it out. Then you pull your head out of the sand and start fighting. And you start telling your self hey I can do this! Thanks to a few folks here that do meals from scratch I am learning not to use the jars but to do from fresh. tough to do when in a hurry, but you can freeze the extra and take out when needed. hugs and your not alone! dance"