Like "Diagnosis by A1cs can be deceptive. My 2nd wife "Jem" (now deceased) had Blood Glucose (BG) levels in the 300s due to the cortisone/predinisone she had to take to control some of her other "medical challenges" and we weaned her off the steroids as soon as we could every time. She was a type 2. And during some of those times she had an A1c of 6.0. When asked about it her endo said that she must have had some powerful low hypoglycemia episodes to have an A1c that low. After all, an A1c is merely a 24/7 average of one's BG levels for 90 days (weighted more heavily on the past 2 wks). So ask Doc what he knows about the A1c and what it will and won't tell him/her. Better yet give Dr this website address and have Dr ask here from those of us who deal with Diabetes in our lives. "