Like "You say your body is doing "funny things", but I suspect that when you are going through that it feels anything but funny. My late bride "Jem" went through what I dubbed "false lows" when her Blood Glucose (BG) levels were coming down from cortisone induced high BG levels. She needed that cortisone to counteract some of her other "medical challenges". When she had those false lows she would be anxious and eat high carb foods frantically. But when she woke me up (she would have these attacks late at night) and I was thinking clearly enough, I'd test her BG levels she'd be om the high 180s. That's why I dubbed them false lows. The only way to get over those is to make sure you are not low and to tough it out and keep testing your BG frequently so you don't have a real low. Your body SHOULD adjust to a normalized BG reading once you get down to normal for a while. "