Like "YES!!! I think all kids should have to do this as I did when I was in school. We had recess and a PE time in elementary school, then from 6th to 12th grade we had to have PE as a class all year long and only in 10th to 12th grade could we pick the activity we wanted, we also had to shower after each pe class. It is sad that they cut out pe and water usage when trying to do the school budgets. We had home ec in 8th grade and again in 10th or 11th. My children ages 17 to 29 only had to have 1 semester of pe in high school and didn't have to take home ec at all. In middle school they didn't have to do either! I must confess, that PE was my favorite as I was very athletic, runner, dancer and gymnastics so I actually looked forward to them when my friends dreaded it. But today with all the tech games and such, kids don't go out and play so they need the pe classes. The new thing on our street is kids riding electric/gas powered scooters! One more way to take exercise away."