Like "At first, I was very skeptical about Aloe juice. My doc wanted me to try Bydureon if my blood glucose was running high after cuttng the dose of Met. Since I had the constipation issue with Byetta, I figured it would probably happen with Bydureon. As a result, I tried Aloe juice to see its effect on my blood glucose(bg). It has reduced my bg by 25 to 30 points consistently. My bg now runs about 90 to 100 with the addition of Aloe. Aloe is also known to help with digestion. These are simply my results, but I am amazed at the results! Interestingly, like you I was told to use stool softeners etc. One doc said I might have gastro-paresis. Another doc said as we age and become less active, constipation can become a problem. Well, I was riding a road bike 10 to 30 miles per day and strength training every other day! How active does one have to be? Bottom line, I am not taking Bydureon, and I have maintained a reduced dosage of Met. Constipation is no longer an issue. I never had any digestive problems before the intro of these medications! Now that I have either eliminated or reduced the dosage, I still do not have constipation issues. I determined that these medications were the cause by going on and off them over approximately a 1year time span. Same results everytime! Amazingly, my endo and his assistant are now listening and taking me seriously!!! It was quite a battle to convince these doctors."